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Do you have ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures or do you want to avoid dentures?  Dr. Kinsey can make you look years younger without the hassle of typical dentures  with denture implants.

You can get a permanent set of teeth locked down by implants in just one visit so you will hav no more removable teeth, and no more teeth in a glass!  Eat all the corn on the cob and apples you want when you get your new denture implants.  There are no messy adhesives or creams, and no awkward speech like with traditional dentures.

With the revolutionary All-on-4 implants, you can get a permanent set of teeth.

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Watch how Permanent Dentures can improve your life:


Here’s a comparison of traditional dentures with the new denture implants:

Traditional Removable Dentures:

  • Costs less, but less effective
  • Feel like fake teeth
  • Frequent slippage of teeth
  • Limited range of chewing ability
  • Limited food choices
  • Must be relined
  • Does not stimulate jawbone growth, leading to wrinkles or sagging jawbone

allon4graphicDentures With Dental Implants:

  • Eat all kinds of foods
  • Improves facial structure, helping you look younger
  • Feels and looks like natural set of teeth
  • Long-lasting fit
  • Strong, secure fit attached to your jawbone
  • Full range of chewing ability

Dr. Kinsey can get you in a natural-looking set of denture implants in just one visit. Call us today at 904-826-4343 for a complimentary denture implant consultation.