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Palencia Dental treats sports minded patients who suffer from jaw and neck pain, teeth injuries, and TMJ

saint-augustine-dentist-stephanie-kinsey-2016-2017-newSt. Augustine, Fla. –  May 23, 2017 – Stephanie Kinsey, DDS, owner and founder of Palencia Dental in St. Augustine, Fla., is seeing more adult and teen patients who are active sports enthusiasts and assuming a more health-conscious lifestyle. Sports activities in the local area range from surfing to baseball and softball, and horseback riding to tennis, to golf, along with a myriad of other outdoor activities. active patients are requiring an increase in sports and neuromuscular dentistry treatment, prevention, and education to reduce pain and improve poor postures, form, and performance. Using dentistry methods, Dr. Kinsey can help patients to reduce impact and injury and provide treatments to create a pain-free sports lifestyle.


For example, the force of a direct blow can impact the jaw positioning and transfer of impact to the brain. The prevalence and severity of injuries to the teeth, jaws and intra-oral and peri-oral soft tissues, concussions and neck injuries may be reduced as dentists play a more proactive role in helping to deliver expanded dental treatments and procedures.


“The main goals of sports and neuromuscular dentistry include prevention and treatment of sports related dental and orofacial injuries, plus information collection from the patient and knowledge about preventive procedures related to injuries specifics,” said Dr. Kinsey. “Our diagnostics combine dentistry, prevention and neuromuscular skills to protect the athlete from injures which may include oral lacerations, abrasions and contusions, tooth intrusions, and root loss of one or several teeth,” she said. “Some of the most prevalent problems include temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) injuries and disorders. The effect of the force or injury with TMJ patients can be dissipated and modified by surrounding muscles, ligaments, and teeth and jaw adjustments, plus bite management.”


Dr. Kinsey can also provide a variety of modernized shielding equipment with a variety of customized mouth guards, and she can recommend current facemasks and helmets that may be helpful.


For more than 20 years, Dr. Kinsey has specialized in treating patients who suffer from jaw pain and TMJ with neuromuscular relaxation methods that involve muscles in the face, jaw, and neck which are some of the most used muscles in the body. “Because of constant use and a high propensity for stress to affect these muscles, most people experience tension, nerve pinching, and even a buildup of toxins in these areas,” she said. “However, with neuromuscular treatment, all of these problems are addressed and corrected by releasing tension and aligning the jaw. Sometimes, to get muscles in relaxed and proper position is often difficult as our bodies naturally form their own tension spots and misalignments.”


Part of Dr. Kinsey’s neuromuscular treatment is to relax the muscles of the neck and face, which has a ripple effect on the muscles throughout the body. As the body can easily become misaligned in the hips, shoulders, and other areas of the body, patients can be affected by neuromuscular problems in the jaw and neck. According to Dr. Kinsey, with help, athletes and sports enthusiasts can feel more confident and may be less likely to sustain injuries, thereby gaining a competitive edge.


Dr. Kinsey is a Fellow with The International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics (IAPA) and serves as a member and Fellow with IAPA’s founding organization, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). She specializes in cosmetic, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), and general dentistry, and is dedicated to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of one’s smile by combining conservative and state-of-the-art procedures along with advanced dental medicine. Dr. Kinsey graduated with honors in 1994 from the University of Colorado Health Science Center in Denver, Colorado. She was accepted into a General Practice Residency in Chicago, Illinois at the Illinois Masonic Medical Center where she was invited to stay a second year and serve as chief resident.


Palencia Dental is located at 159 Palencia Village Dr. Suites 107-109 in St. Augustine, Fla. Summer practice hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 am until 4 pm, and Friday from 8 am until 1 pm. For more information, call 904.826.4343. Visit the website at www.palenciadental.com.

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