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At Palencia Dental, what you think of us means everything, and we work hard to earn and keep your trust. We will never stop trying to be the very best family dental practice in all of NorthEast Florida.

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My name is Geoffrey Grider and I live in St. John’s County. I’ve never had a better experience at a dentist that I have had repeatedly at Palencia Dental. Dr. Stephanie Kinsey and her experienced team at Palencia Dental are compassionate professionals that work and make going to the dentist as good as it can possibly be. I trust Palencia Dental with all of my dental health needs from my cleanings to the most complex procedures.

I finally decided at my age that it was finally time to do something special. I decided to get some beautiful veneers done, both top and bottom. When I look in the mirror in the morning, I just feel better about myself. Dr. Kinsey gave me this wonderful, beautiful smile. It gives me confidence and I love my smile now! I don’t know why I waited so long, but I am glad i finally did it! I hit the jackpot when I came to Palencia Dental. They met all of our needs and i just really appreciate that. I wish I had done this a lot earlier, but it’s never too late to just do it! I am so glad that i did!
Anita L.
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    MD Barnett

    I have followed Dr. Kinsey around her practice (building her business); she is the best dentist I have ever had!! I have went to many dentists before her, some good & some horrible. Once I found her skills & knowledge were always up to date, her techs well trained, and her personality exceptional, I was hooked. I have not wanted to use any other dentist, ever.

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    Janet Wesson

    Follow Up – I had my dental surgery yesterday and I am so thankful that I found myself in the hands of such competent, caring people. Dr Kinsey and her staff are without a doubt THE best. Mine was a very complicated procedure and I can honestly say that I experienced no pain at all. When it was over Dr Kinsey made sure that I had enough local anaesthesia left to tide me over until I got my pain killers, but as it turned out I only needed two of these magic pills. You cannot find a better dentist and a more caring group of people. Do not be put off by the initial interview, which, to some of us, may seem unnecessary. Believe me it is worth every minute and every cent, and happens because they want to be sure that they get it right for the patient. This morning, the day after my surgery, I have never felt better. I cannot recommend this practice too highly. Janet W

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